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I’m pleased to point you to a new book I’ve compiled: 31 Days of Worship With Charles Spurgeon. It’s available on Amazon as a hardcover, paperback or as a Kindle e-book.

Last year, I posted on my blog 31 daily devotions using the prayers of Charles Spurgeon in a liturgical format. They were very well received, and I thought it might be a helpful resource to compile them into a book. I’ve also added Spurgeon’s expositions of 31 psalms, to have a daily Scripture reading and commentary.

Each day contains a call to worship, prayer of adoration by Spurgeon, Scripture reading of the Law, prayer of confession by Spurgeon, assurance of pardon reading, praise, creed, Spurgeon’s catechism, prayer of illumination by Spurgeon, Scripture reading and exposition from Spurgeon, prayer of intercession by Spurgeon, and a benediction.

I’ve also added a short afterword on Spurgeon’s own approach to liturgies and structured worship.

Fifteen minutes a day spent with the sound theology and rich religious imagination of Spurgeon will hopefully be a joy to your soul. Please share and enjoy!

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